Billy Roy Okland

Roy Okland

Billy Roy Økland b. 30.08.1969 from Sveio, Norway, is a classic figurative painter,
preoccupied with the perceptible and living. He is concerned with the sensual and the living, which is reflected in his portrait, landscape, and still life.
From elementary school and onwards, every school-book was filled with sketches and drawings. Being the son of a sailor, the choice of motif was easy; it all started out with boats and harbours. Since then the choice of motif and message has changed, yet the ocean has not been completely forgotten.
He is mainly self-taught and has spent many hours studying in art galleries and art museums around Europe. Økland is inspired by painters such as Rembrandt, Titian, Goya, Odd Nerdrum, Lars Hertervig, Johan Singer Sargent and more. Økland has been a student of Odd Nerdrum in Norway. In addition to exhibitions, he paints a lot on assignments for both industry and private collectors. Of permanent exhibitions are arranged, among others. a. an annual Christmas salon by gallery Økland in Sveio, Norway!
It is important to him that every single painting has its own unique story. His goal for his paintings is for the situation/moment depicted to grasp you, and give you a great feeling of presence. Purchased by both public and private companies.


Billy Roy Økland
Født 1969, Sveio, Norway

2008 Elev av Odd Nerdrum, Nerdrumskolen
1990 - 1992 Visuell kommunikasjon, Forus v.g.s.
1985 - 1986 Tegning og dekorativ formgiving, Bergeland, Stavanger

1994 Paris, Musée du Louvre
1995 Paris, Musée du Louvre & Musée d' Orsay
2005 London, Nationalgallery, dep. Rembrandt

1997 Kollektiv utstilling, Dale´s Galleri, Karmøy, vårutstillingen
2005 Vandreutstilling
- Moster Amfi, Mosterhavn
- Husnes Kulturfestival, Husnes
- Galleri Ryvarden, Sveio
2005 Sveiodagene 2005, gjesteutstiller sammen med grafiker Trygve Goa
2005 Lions Club Karmsund, Karmøy, Karmøyutstillingen oktober
2005 Galleri Saga, Karmøy, Juleutstilling november/desember
2005 Galleri Hantho, Haugesund, Juleutstilling desember
2006 Lions Club Karmsund, Karmøy, Karmøyutstillingen oktober
2006 Galleri Saga, Karmøy, Juleutstilling november/desember
2006 Galleri Hantho, Haugesund, Juleutstilling desember
2008 Kitsch-Biennale, (Juriert utstilling) Pasinger Fabrik Münich, Tyskland
2008 Moster Amfi, Mosterhavn, utstilling oktober
2008 Lions Club Karmsund, Karmøy, Karmøyutstillingen oktober
2008 Gallery Saga, Karmøy, Juleutstilling november/desember
2009 Galleri Pan, Oslo, utstilling september
2009 Karmsundutstillingen, Haugesund, september
2009 Telemarksgalleriet, Notodden "KITSCH MER ENN KUNST" , oktober
2009 Lions Club Karmsund, Karmøy, Karmøyutstillingen oktober
2009 Galleri Pan, Oslo, Hamsundutstilling, oktober/november
2010 Galleri Pan, Oslo, Portrettutstilling, mars
2010 Galleri Tosmur, Stathelle, august
2010 Karmsundutstillingen, Haugesund, September
2011 Fineart, Oslo, “Sympatiutstilling for Odd Nerdrum”, august
2011 Rekstensamlingen, Bergen, “Klassisk realisme” september
2012 Oseana, kultursenter i Os," Klassisk realisme"mai
2012 Karmsundutstillingen, Haugesund, September
2013 Galleri Pan, Stavern; høstutstilling
2013 Galleri Nygaten, Bergen
2013 Karmsundutstillingen, Haugesund, Oktober
2014 Karmsundutstillingen, Haugesund, Oktober
2014 Julesalong, Atelier Økland, Sveio
2015 Galleri Klevjer, Hønefoss, August
2015 Julesalong, Atelier Økland, Sveio
2015 Separatutstilling, Sogndalstrand, Hauge I Dalane
2016 Galleri Rauland, Stavern “Nerdrumklanen”, Juli-august
2016 Karmsundutstillingen, Haugesund, Oktober
2017 Festivalutstiller, Skudefestivalen 2017
2017 Galleri Bekkjarvik, kollektiv sommerutstilling
2017 Galleri Fossekallen, Moi, sommerutstilling
2017 Karmsundutstillingen, Haugesund, oktober
2017 Nesheimtunet, separatutstilling, oktober
2017 Lions Club Karmsund, Karmøy, Karmøyutstillingen, oktober
2017 Galleri Raugland, Stavern “Nerdrumklanen”, Juli
2017 Julesalong, Atelier Økland, Sveio Innkjøpt av
2006 Caiano As, ( Eidesvik )
2006 Sveio Kommune v/ordfører Jorunn Skåden
2006 Div. private samlere
2007 Haugesund Rederiforening
2009 Arne Utvik AS
2009 Galleri Pan, Oslo
2010 Bergen Group Fosen AS
2011 Haugesund Rederiforening
2011 Bergen Group Fosen AS
2015 Haugesund Rederiforening
2016 Hagland AS, Haugesund
2017 Inge Andreas Halstensen
2018 Christian Ringnes Utsmykking
2007 Vigdartun, Sveio, Norway

2010 Magasinet: Poets and Artists, mars/april, USA